Welcome to our SERVICES page, let us list the names of the SERVICES MM VISUAL provides! Click on each name for more shown work/info. 

Click on CUSTOM LOGOS/DESIGNS for more details

$40 (including 2 revisions)

  Please make sure when contacting us about a CUSTOM LOGO/DESIGN you are specific with details and please send a photo of your desired logo so we can refer to the logo you would like, if interested please feel free to email us at:

Click on PHOTOSHOOTS for more details


Please make sure to indicate the type of event that is being photographed, how many hours, the travel time, etc,. If interested please refer to our packages on our Photoshoots page and/or send us an email:

Click on WEBSITES for more details


  Please know If interested in a WEBSITE being made by MM Visual, give specific details and also notify if there is a certain time frame you need your website done by (if needed), and please send all files, images, music, videos, etc,. Please feel free to email us at:

Click on BUSINESS CARDS for more details

$80 (Glossy/Matte)

Please know that when sending us the details, images and information that you are aware of the layout of the business cards. Also, be aware there will be ONLY 2 revisions and any more revisions will cost in a fee. We want to make sure that we visualize the best for our clients and their needs for their business. Please feel free to contact us or email us at: 

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